Free Movers/Visiting Students

Free movers/Visiting students at UMF Tîrgu Mureș are self-sponsored students (paying tuition fees) enrolled at universities from all over the world (E.U. and non-E.U. countries) who wish to register for one or more of the courses offered by The University of Medicine and Phramacy of Tîrgu Mureș, for a period of time equivalent to a semester or an academic year, without receiving a study diploma.


Admission and language requirements

·  Students applying as free movers must have the necessary background and prerequisites for the programme they wish to follow.
·  Students must add a confirmation from their home institution that their planned stay at UMF Târgu Mureș is a part of their degree programme with their application. 
·  All students must fulfill the English language requirements.



Luminița Sîngeorzan –

Incoming Coordinator Conf. Dr. Simona Mureșan –