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The School of Medicine from Tirgu-Mures consistently ranks among the handful of leading schools from Romania oriented to train the students to become valuable doctors, to love their profession, to be close to patients needs and to be the best researchers in medical field.

The Medicine study program for international applicants is important for our Medicine Faculty, synonymous with excellence in education, research and medical care. It presents itself like a local, also national and international brand. Our program promotes student-centered education, it sustains youth involvement in research and career guidance, also claims responsibility and respect in the profession, initiate effective physician-patient communication, teamwork and diversity.

Training our students in various professions rely on the skills of the grid qualifying respect of credit transfer system, the clinical quality of education and on developing partnerships between universities and openness to curricular reform at European level.

For this program are authorized annually 100 places for young people from all over the world and starting with 2015 we are offering two rounds of admission sessions: early and regular admission (in April and in September).

Our Bachelor Program in Medicine provides traning for students during six years using the system of transferable credits (360 ECTS). The educational process provides medical training current knowledge, specific skills and abilities that will serve both the training and experience working with other health professionals.

The 6-year study ends with a license exam (in September), after which our graduates obtains a physician bachelor degree. Training in different specialties can be continued through Residency programs in our clinics and labs, and educational development can be continued with our 4 Master’s programs and a PhD School with high national reputation.

The Medicine program lectures are ongoing in three languages: Romanian, Hungarian and English as well, providing the multinational and multicultural aspects of our university, covering a wide spectrum of cultural and community experiences with openness to EU countries.

Partnerships with foreign universities is opening our view to the European experience, also our academic environment of transparency made possible the mobility of students and teachers at prestigious European universities and provided valuable cooperation in various fields of specialization.

University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Tirgu-Mures welcomes international applicants to our English study program for Medicine. We are proud of our multicultural community and we are waiting for you to join us.

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