Students Research Group


Faculty of Pharmacy

Name, acronym Coordinators
Nitric oxide, antioxidants, food and other toxicological and biopharmaceutical issues NOAFTB Assoc. prof. Mircea Dumitru CROITORU, PhD
Electrophoresis in Drug Research ECDrug Assoc. prof. Gabriel HANCU, PhD
Inorganic Chemistry CGA Assoc. prof. Augustin CURTICĂPEAN, PhD
Designing pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations PHARMCOSMART Prof. Adriana-Daniela CIURBA, PhD
Nutrition and metabolism for pharmacy students NMP Assoc. prof. Amelia TERO-VESCAN, PhD
Quality control and bioanalysis of drugs QCBADrugs Prof. Daniela-Lucia MUNTEAN, PhD Prof. Silvia IMRE, PhD
Supramolecular chemistry, proteomics, separation and identification of active ingredients and other analytical & organic chemistry and biopharmaceutical issues SCHEPSIA Lecturer Şerban Andrei GÂZ FLOREA, PhD
Molecular biology and microbiology MBM Assoc. prof. Manuela CURTICĂPEAN, PhD
Student research group on early phase drug development EPhD2 Prof. Emese SIPOS, PhD
Student research group on phytochemistry PHYTOCHEM Senior lecturer Laczkó-Zöld Eszter, PhD
Senior lecturer Varga Erzsébet, PhD
Student research group on pharmaceutical botany FARMAPLANT  Assoc. prof. Corneliu TANASE, PhD
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Chemistry Pharm&CosmCHEM Assoc. prof. Aura RUSU, PhD


Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dental Medicine

Name, acronym


Biochemistry for life sciences (Group I) BiochLS-I

Students' research group NNEniko 2019-2020

Students' research group NNEniko 2018-2019

Senior lecturer NAGY NEMES Enikő, PhD, medical doctor

Biochemistry for life sciences (Group II) BiochLS-II Assoc. prof. Fazakas Zita, PhD