The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș – 70 years

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș – 70 years

Seventy years of higher education in Târgu Mureș have taught us to respect general human values, which in the spirit of the medical profession, require that we be close to people, to use our knowledge to recognise suffering and initiate healing.

We believe in the mission that we have chosen, we believe in the value of tradition and the power of knowledge, and we do not stop looking for new remedies, symbols of the future of medicine.

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy has concentrated the attention of the local intelligentsia, because it has been and still is the environment where something always happens. In the city where we live, spring belongs to music, poetry is a constant concern of philologists, but for the spiritual effervescence of the city to be maintained, the less ethereal doctors and pharmacists toil in anonymity and effectively. In other words, they enrich the meanings of life by ordering ideas depending on the aspirations and needs of the community.

The University is a genuine forum for debate and renewal of ideas, a school of thought which polarises creative intelligences and guides its goals according to the needs and social interests for human benefit.

Celebrating of 70 years of higher medical education in Târgu Mureș is representative of the entire University, an enjoyable occasion for its teachers and students to express attachment to the venerable institution with which we have linked our destinies.

An opportunity to evoke and eulogise performance, to design strategies for scientific development and teaching, this anniversary satisfies our need for recognition and honour of academic belongingness.

Competence and passion are constants of the teachers’ activities. Over the decades, between the faculties and within the departments a true emulation has developed, an academic spirit conducive of competitions and progress. The University has contributed to the development of Romanian medicine through people whose names have raised the glory of the local and national education.

The beginnings of our University were not laid upon chaos. They were the continuing of the medical education of Cluj Napoca through its promising juniors who confirmed their potential and individuality, some of us having had the privilege of being their students.

The distinguished spirit of these highly complex intellectuals contributed to the idea of medical education in Târgu Mureș, while the efforts of opinion leaders, prominent professionals of older or newer eras, set the foundations which they perfected.

Since its beginning until today, medico-pharmaceutical activity has come an interesting and difficult way, from the simplest manoeuvres such as wound care, small-scale surgeries, modest treatment of some medical conditions, to the professional perfection aided by technology. From rubber infusion kits to extracorporeal circulation, from laborious surgical interventions to minimally invasive surgery different stages were carried out which outlined significant priorities.

The trinomial involvement into teaching, science and medical practice was the successful formula. Our achievements have been recorded in the Journal of the University, a publication that has monitored developments in medicine and pharmacy in Târgu Mureș.

Across the decades the University of Medicine and Pharmacy has become a representative institution for our city, through the work of great people who have assumed great responsibilities, constantly considering human science as a vital tool.

In time the landscape of the university has undergone changes. It now comprises new buildings, modern facilities for studying and for the recovery of the physical potential consistent with student needs in the third millennium.

We acknowledge the importance of a learning environment for health care professions, medicine and pharmacy, environment reflected in the climate, the atmosphere, the culture and institutional personality. Creating this environment has been an ongoing priority for us.

Combining tradition with a dynamic approach, progressive to the teaching and scientific activity, our teaching staff are determined to provide innovative and relevant learning programmes that meet societal needs.

Thus, the faculties and the departments are permanent elements of the educational structure and are responsible for the quality of the contribution to education and research.

The University aims to provide its graduates with sound knowledge and a multidisciplinary perspective of the medical professions. Moreover, postgraduate courses, doctoral and residency programmes devote special attention to continuing medical education.

Our students come from all over the country, but also from other European countries. They can choose to study specialisations of the faculty of medicine, the faculty of dentistry or that of pharmacy, and they can study in Romanian, Hungarian and English, a unique case in Romania.

As the modern architecture has been harmoniously grafted in our University on an area initiated in the last century, we believe in respecting the traditions and in multiculturalism, in the harmony between generations and different nationalities whose common denominator is the desire to heal the body and the soul.


Professor Constantin Copotoiu, PhD

President of the Senate