General objectives and concepts

The quality of all activities and their results represent an essential goal of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș assumed according to the Charter. The university permanently checks the quality management, its efficiency and the improvement of assessment and self-assessment in case of academic teaching, research and administrative activity.

As a general concept, quality management:

- brings together those management activities that establish policies, objectives and responsibilities regarding quality;

- implements these activities by planning, evaluation, quality assurance and improvement.

At the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș, quality management plans and improves the quality of all activities by establishing structures, procedures and resources which determine assessment and quality assurance.


The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș (UMFTGM) established a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, described in the Quality Manual.

By implementing the management system, the leadership at the highest level is committed to:

-          meeting the needs of the students and of all the others concerned;

-       providing the infrastructure and the right working environment for the proper conduct of all processes and also providing the necessary resources to achieve the set objectives;

-          compliance with present legislation applicable to activities which are carried on;

-          continuous improvement of performance and efficacy of the quality management system.

The mission of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș is to generate and transfer knowledge to the society through:

1.      training of highly qualified medical specialists;

2.    enrichment and dissemination of scientific, cultural, social and ethical values in the medical and pharmaceutical fields;

3.      promoting critical thinking among professionals and the public;

4.      scientific and cultural development in the medical and pharmaceutical fields;

5.   assertion of national scientific values in the medical field and integration into the European practice;

6.   development of consciousness and of the behaviour of promoting human freedom and democratic principles.


1. training of specialists with higher education in health care, education and research at international level;
2. postgraduate training of specialists in the field at all levels by specific programmes (residency, courses and specialisation training, continuous training and further study, etc.).
3. promotion of fundamental and applied research;
4. development of specific links between UMPh and the national health system, providing specialided, optimal health care by members of its academic community, highly professional specialists;
5. promotion of trust and freedom within the academic community whose basic rules are objectivity and mutual respect among members of the University;
6. developing cooperation with other academic institutions and national and international research centres;
7. accomplishment of all the institutional steps necessary to ensure predictability of academic and professional career of the academic community.
8. adapting the courses on offer to educational requirements in terms of competitiveness, in order to develop the individual and increase chances of insertion into the labour market (according to art. 117 and art. 198 of the Education Act 1/ 2011);
9. ensuring performance in teaching and research observing national and European standards;
10.efficiency of the quality assurance system and improvement of assessment and self-assessment of teaching, research and administrative activities;
11.providing adequate material basis for all these activities and working conditions for all members of the academic community.

The general objectives set forth by the present Policy are set by the management of the UMPh and are analysed during the management meetings in order to ensure their adequacy.

The general objectives lie at the base of objectives specific to processes which are carried out in accordance with the Quality Management Programme. To achieve these specific objectives material, financial, and human resources are assigned.

The management of the UMPh is responsible for the accomplishment of the quality policy. The authority and responsibility for establishing, implementing and maintaining the management system are the duty of the delegated representative of the Quality Management System (QMS).

By this delegate, the management of the UMPh supervises that the provisions of the Quality Manual and other documents of the management system are known and enforced by all the staff of the University. Management at the highest level ensures that the policy and objectives regarding quality is available to all employees or anyone concerned.