Mission and objectives

International cooperation is one of the priorities through which the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș seeks to capitalise its assets and international visibility. This goal has been translated into the organisation of the Department of International Relations, under the responsibility of the Rector and a Vice-Rector for International Relations.

By supporting and encouraging individual initiatives, which by tradition is the cornerstone of international exchange, the fundamental objective of the institutional policy of the university is the enrolment in major programmes of the European Community or other international academic bodies. To achieve these objectives our university encourages and contributes by material and logistical support to conduct such programmes as Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, CEEPUS, Recife, etc.

Thus, the main guidelines and objectives of the Department of International Relations are:

  • promoting the international policy of the university by strengthening relations with traditional partners and by establishing new inter-university partnerships in Europe and especially beyond European frontiers;

  • encouraging and developing teacher mobilities for teaching, academic advancement and research;

  • encouraging and developing student mobilities (in all 3 cycles of university studies) for education, clinical training/ practice and scientific research;

  • the international promotion of the university to boost incoming mobilities for students, doctoral students, post-doctoral students, researchers and teaching staff.