The CEEPUS Network which University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Targu Mures, Faculty of Pharmacy is involved in

Network number: RO-0010

The University of de Medicine and Pharmacy at Tg. Mureş was member of CEEPUS I Network H-0076 „Teaching and Learning Bioanalysis” between 2001-2005. In 2005 this Network was awarded by the Minister’s Prize, which is given for excellent network activity. Between 2006-2015 UMPh Tg. Mureş participated continuously to the H-0010: „Teaching and Learning Bioanalysis” CEEPUS Network activities, which was awarded second time by the Minister’s Prize in 2011. Till 2012 the main coordinator of this Network was Prof. Dr. Ferenc Kilár form University of Pécs, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Bioanalysis, and beginning with Academic Year 2012-2013 the coordinator of the Network became Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gabriella Donath-Nagy from University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Tg. Mureş, therefore the Network number was changed to RO-0010.


Awards obtained for the excellent network activity

 - Minister’s Prize in 2005

- Minister’s Prize in 2011


Objectives of RO-0010 Network 

The RO-0010 CEEPUS Network, having the title: Teaching and Learning Bioanalysis, focuses on the following activities within the University Exchange Program:

1. To promote PhD students to continue their studies at the partner Doctoral Schools of the partner Universities within the Joint Programs in order to obtain joint PhD degree.

2. To promote the scientific work of diploma students at the partner Universities.

3. To promote and support the participation of students in courses at the partner Universities.

4. To organize Summer Schools in different fields of bioanalysis, related to the chemistry as basis for our activity.

5. To promote the mobility of teachers for giving special courses at the partner Universities within the different fields of bioanalysis, especially within PhD type Joint Programs.

Detailes regarding the partner Insitutions of this Network, and it’s objectives csan be read at homepage: