Dean's message

Dean's message

University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Tîrgu Mures, an open committed and responsible community, answer the needs of present society and contribute to its development, through education, research, diversifying experiences regarding transfer of knowledge respectively promoting critical thinking.

To study at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Tîrgu Mures means to build together the foundations of a plurivalent profession; with the disadvantage, some may say, to attend a difficult faculty due to the large variety of studied subjects, but in the same time with the great advantage given by the title of pharmacist or pharmacy technician, aesthetic dermotherapy technician, related with the capacity to modulate the career in different fields, but having in common the drug and / or cosmetic product.

The action and the value of the profession of pharmacist, pharmacy assistant or aesthetic dermotherapy technician are inspired by reason, controlled by caution and supported by theories, theories learned during the five or three academic years in the modern auditoriums and laboratories in the new headquarters of the Faculty of Pharmacy, guided by teachers whose experience and passion will lay the foundation giving your magnificence by removing ignorance and building personality.

The modern institutional framework, extensive material base, social facilities and scenic beauty are additional arguments that tempt you to study at the Faculty of Pharmacy from Tîrgu Mureş.

Welcome to our faculty!


Prof. Daniela Lucia Muntean, PhD