Our students, the best ambassadors!

On 5.12.2022, Ariana Mileșan and Rodica Ciotârcă are the two students from the Medicinal Chemistry program who represented us with enthusiasm in front of almost 60 students of the Lucian Blaga Theoretical High School in Reghin. We are proud of such students who have chosen to become part of the UMFST Farm community and, at the same time, ambassadors of our academic message!
The Faculty of Pharmacy thanks to the board of the Lucian Blaga Theoretical High School in Reghin, which supports us unconditionally and every time in our endeavour to promote our educational offer. A special thought to prof. Emilia Moldovan, extracurricular activities advisor!

Pharma UMPhST = Pharmacy & Medical cosmetics & Medicinal chemistry & Technological chemistry