Dean's Message

Dear Colleagues, students and teachers,

The Faculty of Medicine from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tîrgu Mureş has been established over 70 years ago by a decree of His Majesty King Mihai (Michael) I of Romania and currently it is a national and international landmark for health care.

Within the Faculty of Medicine are studying more than 3,500 students in undergraduate, master or doctoral programs of study. Many resident physicians of all medical specialties are also under the guidance of teachers from the Faculty of Medicine, working in University clinics of Tîrgu Mureş. Bachelor programs include: Medicine, General Nursing, Balneo-physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physical Education and Sport. In Tîrgu Mureş there are three teaching languages: Romanian, Hungarian and English, this being a proof for a modern, multicultural and harmonious University. All graduates of the Faculty of Medicine can continue their studies with Master's programs, doctoral programs or continuous medical education programs in the form of postgraduate courses, symposiums, conferences, congresses or summer schools.

The teaching and research staff of our University, along with the Center for Simulation and Basic Practical Skills and the outstanding sports field represent additional reasons for students to choose the Faculty of Medicine from Tîrgu Mureş, in order to follow this great profession. They all receive real support from the management of the Faculty and the University in their scientific, cultural, artistic and sports projects. In Tîrgu Mureş are activating numerous student organizations. All mobility programs (national-TRANSMED and international-ERASMUS, SCORE-SCOPE, FOGARTY) allow exchanges of ideas and values and are constantly encouraged and supported.

Since 2016 the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Tîrgu Mureş has been conducted a wide curriculum reform project that aims primarily to student-centered education and maximizes  practical and communication skills of students and graduates. Curriculum reform strategy has three main directions: adapting the curricula to current standards of medical education, a student-centered teaching system and an unitary assessment method of students in the same study program.

We, teachers of the Faculty of Medicine, have the duty to form students from their first day of "freshmen" in Medicine, when they are true “TOTIPOTENT undifferentiated stem cells” and who will become, after many years of study in the Medicine field, "mature, competent, highly specialized cells".

Dear friends, we are looking forward to know each other better and work together in an outstanding academic environment, where you will feel the greatest joy and pride of being a Medical student in Tîrgu Mureş.

               Yours faithfully,

               Professor Ovidiu S. Cotoi, MD, PhD

               Dean, Faculty of Medicine