Scientific Events

UMFST-UMCH Research Day for Medical Students

The UMFST-UMCH Research Day for Medical Students has reached its 2nd edition and will take place on May the 6th, 2023.

This year, the abstracts of the student scientific session will be published in a supplement of Acta Marisiensis seria Medica ( ) dedicated to this event. Only papers presented during the event will be published in the abstracts volume! For students from Târgu Mureș programs of study, presentations will be organised on line.

The abstracts will be electronically uploaded until April the 20th, 2023 at the following link .

When writing the abstract, please consider the following:

1. Choose a topic agreed by the scientific coordinator of the work. The coordinator can be a professor from the UMFST or the UMFST partner hospitals.
2. Choose a title in respect of scientific topic and a maximum of 4 keywords to identify the proposed theme.
3. The summary will have 300 - 500 words, it will be written in the 3 rd person and will contain the following:
 - Background/Introduction : the current state of knowledge, must highlight the problem that requires an answer.
 - Objective : research hypothesis, describe the problem you are trying to solve.
 - Materials and methods : the main methods used. How did you test the hypothesis, how did you try to solve the problem, how did you select the data from the relevant literature?
 - Results : presents the relevant results (without tables and graphs). What was the result of the study? How close were the results to your expectancies?
 - Conclusions: the hypothesis from which the study started was rejected or not. Did the results contribute to solving the identified problem? Aspects related to the relevance of the theme can be included.

4. Abstracts describing a study design will also be accepted. This type of abstracts will follow the same structure.

5. After the anti-plagiarism scan, the abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the event.

For questions related to this event, you can send an email to