The Dean’s message

George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology of Târgu Mureş is an emblematic institution of the Romanian national higher education system, which provides academic training in the field of medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

The Faculty of Medicine in English, the youngest administrative structure within the institution, places in the center of its actions the training of the future doctors with skills perfectly adapted to international health systems. Through the two study programs offered to students, and with the successful management of the two campuses from Târgu Mureș and Hamburg, the Faculty of Medicine in English represents a successful model that combines tradition with innovation, personal interactions with maximum exploitation of modern technical facilities and generosity with exigency.

The process of training students during the 6 years of study is synchronized with the final noble goal, it requires a lot of energy and involvement to overcome all the challenges, but the subsequent personal and professional satisfactions are unmatched. If we add to all these elements described above the chance to meet a multicultural environment, in which international educational experiences are combined with the approach of the Romanian educational system, it means that the Faculty of Medicine in English represents an opportunity to become doctors for brave, motivated candidates, that have the chance to perform internationally in the chosen profession.

We are looking forward for joining our faculty and fulfill your professional dreams with us! 


Assoc. Prof. Simona Mureșan, MD, PhD