Students from the Faculty of Medicine in English, ”G. E. Palade” University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology of Târgu Mureș, who want to get vaccinated are able to apply by filling in a form from the following application:

https://covid19.aspms.ro/formular-solicitare-programare-vaccinare-umfst/ .

Through this form, students can choose the nearest vaccination center in Mureș County or in other cities from Romania. Once registered, they will be scheduled on the vaccination platform (https://programare.vaccinare-covid.gov.ro/) on the day and time available at the chosen vaccination center. The scheduled person will receive a confirmation email with the date of the initial dose and the second dose, with the time and location of the vaccination center.

They will present themselves at the vaccination center on the day of the appointment with the identity document. A medical triage will be performed there and they will receive an consent form.

Once vaccinated, persons will be registered in the national electronic vaccination register and will receive a vaccination certificate. For the date of the second dose, a message will be received on the mobile phone with the date, time and location of the vaccination center.