Updates - SUMMATIVE EXAMS, 2nd-15th of November 2020

As a result of the current epidemiological situation, the summative examinations of the session scheduled between 2nd-15th of November 2020 will be organized exclusively online.

The exam questions will be separated for each subject that makes up the summative exam and, within each exam (for each subject), the sequence of questions will be randomized for each student, using the facilities of the Blackboard platform. In order to answer to questions corresponding to each subject, students will access each subject separately and will have a specific answering time, according to the number of related questions and according to the planning made by the Dean's Office. All exam questions from all subjects of this session will be covered in the same exam session and in the interval of time established for every year of study. The method of correction for summative exams will be according to the decision of each faculty