Speciality Practice

SPECIALTY PRACTICE, academic year 2019/2020: ON-LINE

Students from the Faculty of Medicine in English who applied for an internship at the Simulation Center within UMFST G.E. Palade Tg. Mureș, will perform the specialty practice online, between 17th of August - 28th 2020, using the Microsoft Teams platform.

Students are asked to access the application, to attend all activities from the platform, and to participate in the final evaluation in order to obtain the validation of the activity, together with grades and credits (ECTS). The regulations and the schedule of this teaching activity can be accessed in the Files section of each Team.


Documents that certify the attendance of the Speciality Practice for the academic year 2019/2020 will be submitted in original at the Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine in English in between 1st-3rd of September 2020.

Syllabus - Specialty Practice: 1st year
Syllabus - Specialty Practice: 2nd year
Syllabus - Specialty Practice: 3rd year
Syllabus - Specialty Practice: 4th year
Syllabus - Specialty Practice: 5th year