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"George Emil Palade" University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology from Târgu Mureș (UMFST) has among its main objectives the initiation of international partnerships and cooperations in order to increase its visibility in the European academic landscape.
In this sense, following a contract for the concession of medical teaching services concluded between UMFST and Cendag Iberia in April 2018, the stages of establishing the study program Medicine, English, Hamburg have started.
In this regard, UMFST opened in 2019 a branch in Hamburg, Germany (University Targu Mures Medical Campus Hamburg / Universitätsmedizin Neumarkt am Mieresch Campus Hamburg  - UMCH), which offers ideal conditions for teaching activities related to the study program Medicine, English, Hamburg (MEH-UMCH).
The entire teaching process, as well as the academic management is carried out exclusively by UMFST, while the administrative part of the activity (teaching spaces, logistics, technical and material facilities, promotion and relationship with local authorities) necessary to support the study program according to the curriculum and with the legislation of Romania and the host country - Germany are provided through the partnership concluded with Cendag Iberia and its subcontractor - CPE Europe GmbH.
The study program was authorized by ARACIS in 2018, and currently offers a tuition number of 200 students/academic year.
The curricula correspond to the quality standards imposed by ARACIS and can be consulted at the following links:
Students enrolled in the Medicine, English, Hamburg (MEH-UMCH) study program are subject to all applicable regulations and methodologies at the University and the Faculty of Medicine in English, respectively, and benefit of all the rights of UMFST students.
More details for the study program from Hamburg Campus-UMCH are provided at the following link:

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