Integrated Dental Center

Targu Mures Faculty of Dentistry provides a dynamic educational process with complex activities in the most modern dental education base of Romania, ensuring the obtainance of the right to practice dentistry after the bachelor’s exam, recognition of studies in the European Union, and practicing a noble profession with immediate and fascinating results.
The didactic activities related to the first years of study and the clinical activities associated with the disciplines from the medical field, are carried out in the lecture classrooms and laboratories of the University, as well as in the public sanitary units of Targu Mures. The specific dental disciplines, which represent two thirds of the entire undergraduate curriculum, are held at the Integrated Dental Center (CIMD) and at the Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic.
Within the clinical activities of the educational process in correlation with the entrepreneurial character of the dental profession, students starting from the 4th year of studies, start performing numerous clinical dental procedures, under the close guidance of our university’s teachers.
At the Integrated Dental Center there are several modular amphitheaters, lecture classrooms, a patient triage section, a radiology department, dental technique laboratories, and a simulation department. The area designed exclusively for the clinical activities of dental students, residents, and medical doctors, include 4 clinics organized by dental specialties, equipped with 84 dental units.
Our faculty provides innovative equipment and technology in the dental radiology field, supplying patients with complex imaging services: 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), 3D photographs of the face, 2D panoramic radiographs and X-rays of the maxillary sinuses, retroalveolar radiographs, and special offers as the orthodontic packages. Planmeca’s ProMax 3D CBCT tomography, offers maximum accuracy in diagnosing maxillofacial conditions through 3D imaging, 3D photography, 2D panoramic images and cephalometry, all in one device, which is indispensable in implantology, orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, periodontology, and in the investigation of the  temporo-mandibular joint. CBCT images are stored on a computer and are printed or transmitted electronically to the physician or dental student treating the patient. All patients treated by either students, dentistry residents or teachers of the Dentistry Faculty have access to these imaging services as well as patients undergoing dental treatments in private practices or clinics in and around the city of Targu Mures.
Additional information about dental treatments, imaging services, the radiology department’s schedule and fees can be asked at the Dentistry Faculty’s front office or by calling the following phone number: 0265-215.551 int. 301.